Fabric Stores Toronto

Welcome to fabric stores Toronto. Below is our top pick for the best of fabric stores in Toronto.

Fabric Stores Toronto

Prestige Decor

Specialty: over 160,000 quality fabrics

Tel: 905 566 5063

Email: info@prestige-decorating.com


We have chosen Prestige Decor Inc. as our number 1 fabric store in the Greater Toronto Area. Prestige Decor offers top quality service, including interio decor advice, support, and a huge selection of drapery fabrics. Prestige Decor has over 160,000 fabric samples in store, and with the support of their knowledgeable, friendly, passionate, and experienced design consultants, you will be able to cruize through a large variety of fabrics that interest you, and that will work for your home. The reason why we think that Prestige Decor is better then other fabric stores in Toronto is because of their outstanding quality of service and their amazing fabric selection. If you don't want to take our word for it, we dare you to visit Prestige Decor and see for your self. You wont regret it!

What to Expect at Prestige Decor

Here is a little tease of what Prestige Decor has to offer

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